SLA - Model per arch


$ 12.00

SLA Models / Scan / Optional Retainers

Send to us your plaster model, impression or STL scan.  Then we will print 3D model(s).  
Optional: You can add Essix Retainer(s) of the printed model.

We use simple pricing - Unlike others we do not nickle and dime you to death.  Don't fooled by the "Cheap" Arch price to suck you in until you get the invoice with a "Other" charges for items like File Upload, STL File Repair, Prep charges, Lab Charges, etc... In the end you will find our pricing is very competitive to their "Total" price.
We even include Priority shipping.

You get back:
Scan of Model or Impression if you sent one to us.
STL File
SLA Printed Model(s)
Essix Retainer(s) of printed Model

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