Baron's Mask Frame


$ 7.00

CAUTION: Heat-molding can be dangerous. Be careful not to burn your skin while applying the mask to your face to mold it.

Use of this device to secure your mask is untested and supported only by the reports of similar products. Use of this device must be done at the discretion of the user. Manufacture and distribution of the device is done at the your discretion.

The intended us of the device is to help provide a better seal for a Class 3 Surgical mask. With a proper seal, research has shown a Class 3 mask to perform at the same or better level as an N95, mask.

Difference with Dr Baron's design in the internal component that helps increase surface area and thereby, air flow, plus heat can be applied to customize fit to your face.  
5 sized options available for each approach: XL, L, M, S, & XS.


Measuring from Nasion to Menton as shown in the following image (image borrowed from :

  • XL: 122mm

  • L: 116mm

  • M: 110mm

  • S: 104mm

  • XS: 98mm

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** Color may vary based on resin available.

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